Romania is catching up with sustainability

2019 was a year marked by brisk construction activity in Romania. In the course of European funding programs, several large and medium-sized cities received a new sewer system. Steinzeug-Keramo delivered pipes and fittings for a series of public projects. In total, we managed four major water and wastewater projects in all parts of the country.

"Operational Programme Large Infrastructure" is the name of the overarching structural assistance from EU funds. Under this program, a total of 15 kilometers of vitrified clay pipes were laid last year and connected to the existing sewage system. This resulted in the construction of sewerage systems in the four municipalities of Arad, Campina, Turda and Campia Turzii. Depending on the requirements, vitrified clay pipes of DN 150 to DN 600 were laid.

Arad in the extreme west of the country is a dynamic city near the Hungarian border. Here, the city center with its central boulevards and thoroughfares was made fit for the future. Under the project management of the local utility company Arad Water Company, a completely new sewer infrastructure was built in open construction.

In Transylvania, two neighboring towns were supplied with a new sewerage system: Turda and Campia Turzii form a joint conurbation with almost 100,000 inhabitants. The regional waste management company Aries worked with Steinzeug-Keramo in both cases. As in Arad, the civil engineering company Hidroconstructia was commissioned with the execution.

Cooperation with local construction companies proves to be constructive

The Prahova region is located in Wallachia in the foothills of the Carpathians. A challenge for the sewage disposal of the regional capital Campina was the hilly relief with some steep climbs. Here the cooperation with the Romair Consulting planning office to be successful.

All projects were carried out in cooperation with our dealer in Romania, HTI. Only Romanian companies were involved in the construction work, which strengthened the regional economic power.

In 2020, activities in Romania will expand even further. The local sales team already has several new construction projects in the pipeline and is convincing cities and municipalities of the benefits of sustainable, low-maintenance wastewater management. We wish our colleagues on site every success and a happy hand.