Frechen, March 2021 – The wastewater solutions provider Steinzeug-Keramo has established a cooperation with manufacturer Channeline. From now on the glass fibre reinforced resin composites of this international company will complement the DURA product portfolio in the manhole and sewer restoration range as the Steinzeug-Keramo brand DURA.CL by Channeline.

Because of their high flexibility the Channeline glass fibre reinforced elements have the specific advantage of being able to adapt with centimetre precision  to the existing local channel geometry. This way rehabilitation can be tailored to the specific circumstances, which reduces the loss of throughput to a minimum. From scan date the components can be individually manufactured and installed in the existing sewer in the corresponding order.

Dr. Ulrich Bohle, Director Engineering Solutions & Services at Steinzeug-Keramo states: „For some projects the decisive factor is the maximum hydraulic cross-section “.  „Especially in old, tortuous or brick-lined channels with large tolerances, the off-the-shelf solutions soon reveal their limitations. The individually adaptable components allow to practically rebuild the original sewer cross section and to minimize the annular gap between the component and the old sewer.“.  In 2018 the provider successfully entered the market with its polymer concrete rehabilitation solutions DURA.PC. Channeline now complements this range with individual renovation solutions. The company has decades of experience in the field of sewer rehabilitation. „We are sure, DURA.CL by Channeline will significantly strengthen our market position“, summarizes Christian Rotthaus, Commercial Director at Steinzeug-Keramo. „Future-proof renovation of old sewers will be a prior challenge for our cities in the next decades. We are very pleased to see that with this product extension we can offer our customers a tailor-made solution for this task.“

For additional information on the Steinzeug-Keramo DURA.PC range please check: here
We will soon brief our customers on the new product range DURA.CL by Channeline.


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