Sewer construction consulting

Basics of sewer construction

We are constantly developing innovative and pioneering solutions based on direct practical experience. We like to think outside the box and make use of existing synergies, for example in civil engineering.

We actively participate in expert conferences, symposia, talks and seminars, create networks and platforms, and cultivate close personal customer contacts at all levels.

We are the sewage system managers of the urban world.

When planning the construction sites, our pricing always takes the full system lifespan into account, because we know exactly where and how our products impact the overall project costs. The result is a cost-effectiveness solution, also for the fee-paying user.

Whatever your project, we are here to help – with personal on-site consulting and directly accessible know-how about planning , installation and testing available on our website and in the Infopool.


Get all the relevant information you need in the planning phase.


Find installation instructions for open trench and trenchless construction, as well as installation of accessories and manholes.

Testing and operation

Get information about general conditions for testing and operation.