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Jacking pipes

Technical drawing

Nominal size DN 150

Length (cm)

36 kg/m
Crushing strength FN
64 kN/m
Longitudinal pressure strength
100 N/mm2


DN 150
Internal diameterd1mm149 +/- 2,5
Spigot diameterd3mm186 +/- 2,0
External pipe diameterdMmm213 +0/-4
Assembly depthemm50
Pipe lengthl1mm997
Coupling diameterdkmm207
Coupling thickness Sk / mmskmm-
Coupling widthbkmm103
Thickness of thrust ringDzmm-
Jacking force pilot pipe jacking*kN150
Jacking force microtunneling*kN-

Brief description

* Please note: 
- The maximum permissible jacking force must be calculated in each case according to the applicable regulations, e.g. DWA-A 161 of March 2014 . - Values given here serve only as a guide for planning 
- This is subject to the condition that the effective jacking forces are continuously monitored and logged during the jacking process 
- The maximum pressure of the jacking device must be limited to the permissible jacking force

Our smaller-diameter KERA.Drive jacking pipes have proven themselves over many years of use, both for house connections and for main sewers up to DIN 200.

  • DN 150: Glazed both inside and outside, guide ring made of glass-fiber-reinforced polypropylene.