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Jacking pipes

Technical drawing

Nominal size DN 250

Length (cm)

100 kg/m
Crushing strength FN
100 kN/m
Longitudinal pressure strength
100 N/mm2


DN 250
Internal diameterd1mm253 +/-4
Spigot diameterd3mm331,5 +0/-1
External pipe diameterdMmm361 +0/-8
Assembly depthemm55
Pipe lengthl1mm1996
Coupling diameterdkmm349,5
Coupling thickness Sk / mmskmm1,5
Coupling widthbkmm104
Thickness of thrust ringDzmm5
Jacking force pilot pipe jacking*kN**
Jacking force microtunneling*kN**

Brief description

* Please note:   
- The maximum permissible jacking force must be calculated in each case according to the applicable regulations, e.g. DWA-A 161 of March 2014 .  
- Values given here serve only as a guide for planning   
- This is subject to the condition that the effective jacking forces are continuously monitored and logged during the jacking process  
- The maximum pressure of the jacking device must be limited to the permissible jacking force

** Données fournies sur demande

After the sintering process, our medium and large-diameter jacking pipes obtain a particularly smooth surface with minimal frictional resistance and high resistance to biological and chemical substances. Because of the materialspecific smooth surface, additional glazing is not required. KERA.Drive jacking pipes are ideal for wastewater disposal from households and industry.

Through our cooperation with external monitoring institute MPA NRW, our jacking pipes are continually being inspected. They comply with all of the requirements of DIN EN 295, and also have unrestricted approval from the German Federal Railway Authority for installation underneath rail tracks.

Our KERA.Drive pipes in the DN 250 and DN 300 diameter ranges are available for jacking sewers of all kinds. The pipes feature a specially developed coupling system that easily withstands internal and external pressure exceeding 0.5 bar, making them the perfect solution for a wide range of potential applications.

Coupling made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel in accordance with EN 295 with integrated pre-installed rubber thrust ring.