Eccentric transition sections

For special applications, we offer our customers eccentric transition sections in addition to concentric ones. Invert-level design is possible for many diameter combinations, and pipe extensions and reductions are also an option. Eccentric transition sections are manufactured when ordered, to meet specific customer requirements, making transition sections possible for many applications. For inner-city reconstructions, for example, an older, existing drain can be connected to a manhole with a changed diameter as an interim solution. Another example would be larger diameter drains which can be set up as a wastewater reservoir with reduced outflow.

The difference in diameter can be freely chosen by the customer. Please talk to our experts about your special requirements. The necessary designs will be manufactured in the required load class. As a rule, socketless fittings are connected to the different pipe diameters with flexible couplings. With a combination of couplings and compensation rings, these transitions are also possible for other pipes. A solution with integrated joints using joint system C is also possible.

Longitudinal section


DN 1
DN 2
200 150
250 150
250 200
300 200
300 250
350 250
400 250
350 300
400 300
500 300
400 350
500 350
500 400
600 400