Ceramic coupling

Technical drawing

Nominal size: 200

Brief description

Ideal for a complete system solution and only available from Steinzeug-Keramo: the ceramic coupling is optimized to connect KERA.Base DN 200 normal-strength pipes (strength class 200 and crushing strength FN 40). It is equally suited for connecting spigots in new installations and for retrofitting pipes and fittings. The simple clamping system enables fast, project-compliant assembly.

  • Complies with EN 295 for tightness, angular deflection, and shear load 
  • Rubber material: EPDM 
  • Clamp material: stainless steel 1.4301 
  • Bonding between front face of rubber and sleeve prevents contact between water/subsoil and turnbuckles


  • Length 175 mm
  • Internal diameter 270 mm
  • External diameter 310 mm