The Steinzeug-Keramo Group

System solutions for modern canal construction

Robust, resilient and easy to maintain – Steinzeug-Keramo products are well suited to modern sewer systems.

Steinzeug-Keramo offers solutions for future-oriented wastewater systems. Our product range, manufactured in Europe, is as diverse as the needs of construction sites. The most frequently used pipes, fittings and accessories form the core of our range, and consist of 100% natural raw materials: clay, fireclay and water. We extend our range with suitable non-ceramic products to fully serve the needs of our customers.

Our Cradle-to-Cradle®-certified products meet the highest demands of environmental compatibility, sustainability and durability, making us the ideal partner for both public and private investors who place equal emphasis on the future viability and sustainability of their wastewater systems.


We are constantly developing our systems based on the needs of our customers, and are already incorporating tomorrow's trends in today's considerations. Our focus is not only on technical values, but also take ease of installation, economic efficiency and compatibility with existing networks into account.

With targeted product innovations and selected extensions to our range, we offer tailor-made solutions for your networked infrastructure. Our new product line KERA.iX brings together increased stability and easier installation, and enables more potential applications in the future. With KERA.iX, we are taking a brand new approach that opens up diverse opportunities and operational improvements for customers and service providers alike.

We are more than just a supplier – we are a system provider. 

You will also find an overview of all data and facts about Steinzeug-Keramo in our company brochure. Download it here.

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