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Clamping range



Nominal size Clamping range Width Thickness Tightening torque
DN outer d3
mm mm Nm
200 230-265 150 7,5 6

Brief description

The universal solution for connecting normal-strength and extra-strength pipes: one coupling for four different applications. Not only do dealers and construction companies reduce storage space, it also prevents confusion: it can be used for all applications with the same diameter. In addition, the COUPLING.Pro is also highly economical. A further advantage: the integrated RE-system.

Due to its width, the Coupling.Pro has 2 tensioning straps for DN 200 and 3 tensioning straps for DN 250 and DN 300. 


  • Robust and especially safe thanks to amount of material used 
  • Complies with EN 295 for tightness, angular deflection, and shear load 
  • Minimization of stocks in trade depots and on construction sites 
  • No confusion possible
  • Includes the RE-system 


Our COUPLING.Pro and our COUPLING.Basic type 2B in diameters DN 100 to DN 600 are supplied with the patented pipe joint identification system (RE-system). The system enables joints made with our flexible couplings to be marked on the inside to prevent misinterpretations in future sewer inspections.

Furthermore, customers can be sure that the flexible coupling they ordered has actually been installed. During assembly of the flexible coupling, the coupling “clip” is placed at the pipe crown between the pipe ends to be connected.


  • Unambiguous classification of the joint 
  • Prevention of unnecessary rehabilitation costs resulting from misinterpretations in future sewer inspections 
  • Quality assurance: the type of flexible coupling can be checked from the inside 
  • Easy to install 
  • No extra costs 
  • The ID is in the pipe crown, close to the pipe wall 
  • Resistant to high-pressure flushing

Tools & Services


For connecting spigots, the Coupling Calculator works out the type of coupling and, if necessary, the quantity and type of compensating rings required.

Installation instructions

Here you will find a detailed explanation for installation on the construction site.

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