Open-trench sewer construction

Laying sewer pipes in open trenches

What does open trench sewer construction mean? 

As part of this procedure, the intended soil is first uncovered and a trench is constructed, the sides of which are supported by a shoring box. A pipe layer of gravel, sand or gravel is then prepared to ensure a stable and optimum position for the sewer system. In the open tunnel construction method, the pipe elements are inserted from above with the aid of a crane and positioned on the support. Once the channel has been laid, the trench can then be filled in layers. 

Range of application for the open trench construction method

  • New construction
  • Utility services
  • Rehabilitation
  • Crossing of water catchment areas

Installation made easy - vitrified clay pipes and manholes

In our instructional video you will find supporting information on the installation of vitrified clay pipes and manholes.

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