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Making the right decision upon which material to use, is of utmost importance to the operator of the sewage system. Pipe systems made of vitrified clay meet the requirements in every respect. The outstanding constant chemical and physical properties of the material provide it with high strength, density and robustness along with high resistance against wear, tear and corrosion, which results in an extraordinarily long service lifetime.

  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reasonable fees
  • 100% recyclable

Product properties of pipe materials

Abrasion resistance
am ≤ 0,25 mm
Bending tensile strength
18 N/mm²
Biological resistance
Fire resistance
Chemical resistance pH
0 to 14
2,4 bar
Compression strength
min. 100 N/mm²
Elasticity module
~ 50.000 N/mm²
Frost resistance
Hardness (according to Mohs):
~ 7
Corrosion resistance
Working life
100 years or more
Ozone resistance
Poisson’s ratio
Crushing strength, according to diameter:
32 up to 120 kN/m
Pulsating fatigue strength
Jacking forces
up to 2.400 kN
Thermal-expansion coefficient
K -1 ~ 5 x 10–6
Heat conductivity
~1,2 W/m x K
Wall roughness
k 0,02 mm
Specific gravity
22 kN/m³
Resistance to pipe jetting
280 bar
Tensile strength
10 to 20 N/mm²
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