P-ring N/H

Technical drawing

Brief description

P-rings in nominal sizes DN 200, DN 250, DN 300, DN 400, DN 500 and DN 600 in normal and extra strength, are used as jointing elements for socket type joints K and S according to joint system C for the spigot of shortened pipes and fittings. 

In addition, they are used on DN 200 normal strength as joints for transition from spigot, joint system F to socket joint type K & S according to joint system C. The P-ring is made of rubber elastomers with internal steel ring. The steel ring ensures high accuracy and no shifting. 

Installation Instructions

The cut vitrified clay pipe must be deburred at the outer edges, After this, the P-ring will be pushed on the spigot and inserted into the socket. Before the spigot pipe with P-ring is inserted in the socket, the original KERA.Mat lubricant must be applied both to the socket and P-ring.