Berneck focuses on customized solutions for sewer renovation

The municipality of Berneck (canton of St. Gallen) recently launched a project to relocate its rainwater and wastewater sewer system. As part of this project, a DN 1000 through-channel was to be built in a rectangular concrete sewer using the in-situ concrete construction method over a section of approximately 30 m.

In the search for an alternative design option, the specialists at Steinzeug-Keramo were able to demonstrate the superiority of "DURA." The flexibility of the DURA system means that custom-made elements were able to be quickly and easily lowered into the prepared rectangular sewer and bonded together in place. The desired through-channel was thus created in no time at all.


DURA elements are made of a specially proportioned mixture of quartz rock and resin able to meet the highest demands for mechanical strength, long-term abrasion resistance and chemical resistance – an ideal building material for the sewer. The material allows the straightforward production of practically any geometry. As a result, it can be very profitable even for short renovation sections.


In the execution of the project, all sides can only benefit. On the one hand, because many steps are no longer necessary, the construction process is sped up considerably. On the other, the factory-produced elements undergo strict quality control before being dispatched. The result: a work of the highest quality that has been particularly satisfying for all involved. From planning to construction, our experts are available for your project at all times and able to provide the support you need.

Other project participants

Wälli AG Ingenieure, Heerbrugg (planner) 

Kühnis AG, Oberriet (builder)

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