Coronavirus: Steinzeug-Keramo sets up hotline and telephone appointments

Europe is currently confronted with the coronavirus, which is spreading further. At Steinzeug-Keramo, we are taking the current situation seriously and doing everything possible to ensure smooth operations despite the spreading "SARS CoV-2" virus, and in particular to maintain communication with our customers.

For our part, we are naturally committed to maintaining the vital and indispensable direct contact. We have therefore established a hotline at short notice for those customers that are not currently accepting visitors.

Employees can be reached at the hotline from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Hotline, and can provide information on important and current topics concerning products and deliveries. Staff operating the hotline can also arrange a connection to our specialist departments.

Of course, customers can also use the hotline to arrange a direct telephone appointment or a video conference with their area manager.

We assure all of our customers that we are complying with our duty of care toward our employees to the fullest extent. Our sales staff carefully observe all hygiene requirements and strictly apply the rules of caution and conduct in all personal contact. In this way, direct customer visits will continue to be possible.