With both innovation and know-how we produce certified sleeve pipes of different dimensions for municipal and industrial waste water disposal as well as for private drainage systems. With them you can plan and calculate accurately and construct even better.

Thanks to their outstanding properties like an extremely long working life, highest physical and chemical resistance and long-lasting density our vitrified clay pipes fulfil the highest requirements of cost-efficient, safe and sustainable sewage disposal.

Our extensive product range can be found in our product database:

Fittings for special applications
Eccentric junctions and transition pieces

Eccentric and invert-level junctions are customer-friendly solutions for special situations in wastewater projects. In addition, we offer special fittings manufactured exactly according to the dimensions demanded by the project, from DN 250 to DN 1200 with DN 150/200/250 inflow cennections depending on the respective pipe diameter. Wherever necessary, other, larger diameters can also be considered. The inflow is manufactured at an angle of 90° to the main pipe axis. In special cases, a 45° version can also be provided for junctions up to the DN 350 diameter.

In addition to our concentric transition pieces we also offer our customers eccentric versions of our pipes for specific requirements. For many combinations of diameters, these pieces can be installed atthe level of the invert. These fittings enable pipe systems to be both expanded and reduced.

Transition components for vitrified clay sleeve pipes to vitrified clay jacking pipes.
Transition components for vitrified clay sleeve pipes to vitrified clay jacking pipes.
Intermediate jacking station for accessible pipelines