Get to know two new services designed to help you solve many of the day-to-day, on-site material problems you face, intelligently and flexibly. You'll never want to work any other way. 

Sewer construction is expensive – and even issues that seem insignificant can turn into considerable cost drivers. It's particularly annoying when, despite all due care, parts are suddenly missing or get damaged during installation. You have to find solutions, fast.

Steinzeug-Keramo has developed a construction site solution to support you throughout planning and construction: 

KERA.Box - the on-site accessory box

KERA.Box is our on-site solution: We put a box with standard parts at your disposal. You simply take what you need from it directly: joints, equipment, accessories. We only charge for what you actually take out. 

Go in, get what you need, get back to work – the KERA.Box.

KERA.App - The digital shop connection for fast re-ordering

KERA.App is your high-speed connection to our shop: With the app, you can order whatever's missing and have it delivered directly to the site – anywhere in Germany. You stay in control of progress on the job.

Open, click, get it delivered – KERA.App.


The APP is available in the German, Polish and Italian market for Android and iOS 8.0 and higher. 

Search for: "KERA.App" within your preferred App Store. 


Would you like to use the KERA.Box on your construction site or do you have any questions about the app?

Please contact us! We will process your request as soon as possible.